Erin Elizabeth: Earn Significant Affiliate Revenue With the $5 Touchstone Essentials Influencer Program

If you are an influencer with a qualifying audience size (any ONE listed below):

You could earn 100s, 1,000s, or even 10,000s of dollars of revenue within 60 days of promoting our highly effective all-natural Pure Body Extra detox spray. Watch the video to learn the details and then join us – we know you will have a great experience!

Please Watch The Video For A Complete Overview!

Influencer Program Overview

As an Influencer with a large following you qualify to promote Touchstone Essentials’ $79.95 flagship detox product Pure Body Extra detox spray to your audience for just $5 – with free shipping to multiple countries and a money back guarantee – which could easily produce a significant four or five-digit affiliate revenue for you in the first 60 days like it has for other Influencers who have run this turnkey week-long promotion.

Touchstone Essentials, a leading global health and wellness company, has discovered that one of the best ways to introduce their potent all-natural zeolite-based oral detox spray to new people is to offer the first bottle for just $5 to new users so that those new users (and their children) can personally experience life changing health improvements, who then go on to buy more Pure Body Extra. Touchstone Essentials offers celebrities and Influencers with a large audience base this $5 promotion opportunity to reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, thereby creating a win / win for all involved.

New users sign up for a monthly auto ship at $63.83 (20% discount) to get the $5 first bottle price – cancel any time – and because the product works so well for so many people, a significant number of customers stay on the monthly auto ship. The nano-sized zeolite suspended in water molecules can go through the entire body, collect and lock in toxins and heavy metals, and then safely escort that poison out of the body in four to six hours. When this daily detox happens, healing occurs, and customers naturally want to keep using Pure Body Extra month after month after month. It’s a powerful detoxification product that creates repeat customers because the spray works so well.

The initial payout is about $12,750 for every 1,000 customers signed up who remain on auto ship for the first 30 days. Watch the video for a full overview of how influencers are compensated.

If You Sign Up to Promote Pure Body Extra:

  • There is no cost to you – ever
  • You will get a care package with a free bottle of Pure Body Extra
  • We will supply all the text and graphics you may need for social media and email lists
  • We will support you during the promotion and explain best practices
  • Your audience will THANK you because their lives will be improved
  • You will get paid every week payable directly into your bank account

Sign Up Steps – Erin Elizabeth

  1. Ask us questions if you have any
  2. Sign up right here: Erin Elizabeth Sign Up
  3. Let Larry and I know when you have signed up (extremely important – we are NOT automatically notified)
  4. We’ll take it from there and get you going!

Larry Cook

Erin Elizabeth

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